Very Sad News Indeed, Keep Believing, Keep The Faith, LOL !!!

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To My Fellow "NOLFers",

When I first saw the news about the "NOLF 2" Server, I
was not only saddened by it, I was also very disheartened
about this news.

As soon as I read it, I called Chris Miller in LA to ask him if
he knew what was going on.

Please understand fellow "NOLFers" that there were certain
things that Chris could not reveal to me
, however we had a
very nice talk, and I was able to gleam some information
about this situation.

1) Sierra is no more, they are closed.

2) The takeover by Activision is what is causing all of this.

3) Activision is dealing with everything in a Slash & Burn
effect. They are responsible
for the "NOLF 2" Server being
closed, and everything else that is going on.

Sierra Is Not Responsible for what is happening (since
Sierra does not exist anymore).

4) Tons of people have now lost their jobs, unfortunately
Chris Miller has also lost his job
, he was one of the people
that Activision let go.

He has nothing to do with the "NOLF Series" anymore,
this is very sad news indeed.

However please understand that he still cares very much about
the "NOLF Series", and I hope in the future should Monolith
decide to approach the "NOLF Series" again, that they would
call up Chris Miller to become involved again as Producer,
this is my hope of course.

It is possible that the "NOLF Series" may not be totally
dead at this time, considering the following fact.

Monolith does not own the name "No One Lives Forever",
however they do retain the rights to the characters and story.

So it is possible that Monolith might decide to release a
"NOLF 3", not under the name "No One Lives Forever",
but maybe under the name of "Cate Archer Returns" (example).

So I asking all of you, that you continue to support the "NOLF 3"
at " ". It is not over yet,
keep believing, keep the faith.

I am now putting out a call to all of our fellow "NOLFers"
who possess the knowledge of how to do this

Would it be possible for someone to come up with a patch or
mod that would allow fellow "NOLFers" to be able to see "NOLF 2"
Servers online, and allow "NOLFers" to be able to join the
available servers.

Take Good Care Of Yourselves and Your Families,

Your Friend In "NOLF 1 & 2, CJ, & F.E.A.R.", Always,


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