Looking For Mappacks For The "NOLF Series"? LOL !!!

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To "The NOLF Community",

To all members of the "NOLF Community", if you are looking for MP Mappacks for
the "NOLF Series - NOLF 1, NOLF 2, & Contract Jack", you can dowload them at
the following places mentioned below.

Many thanks to "(JAG) Sauron" for doing this for the "NOLF Community", it is
greatly appreciated !!!

Kudo's to you "(JAG) Sauron", Keep up the great work that you continue
to do for the "NOLF Community" !!!

Link #1: " http://www.odious-things.co.uk/ ".

These Mappacks are the most up to date ones, with the exception in "NOLF 2" of
"Sasser's & Triggerhappy's" new MP Maps, sorry guys we were not aware of your
new maps when the Mappacks were made, they will be in the next version.

(There is no sign in on this website to be able to download the MP Mappacks).

Link #2: " http://www.clan-jaguar.net/ ".

**** Please Note ****

**** You must be signed in on the main (JAG) website (not the forums) as a member
of the website to be able to see the download page, and to be able to download the
MP Mappacks. ****

The "NOLF 1 MP Mapack" also includes the brand new AM Maps from the recently completed
"NOLF 1" competition, that was sponsored by the " http://parallel-universe.co.uk/ " company.

It also contains a brand new DM MP Map from the MP Map Maker "Legbat".

Many thanks to " http://Parallel-Universe.co.uk " for putting on the competition, there
will be more information coming in the near future about who competed and who were
the final winners in this competition.

Kudo's to you guys for doing this for the "NOLF Community" !!!

Take Good Care Of Yourselves and Your Families,

Your Friend In "NOLF 1 & 2, CJ, & F.E.A.R.", Always,


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